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Check your credit report for free 3 times a year – Here is how it’s done!

Everybody seems to know consumers are entitled to a free credit report from each of the leading credit report offices once a year, yet hardly anybody acts on it! In a roomful of people, when asked who checks their credit on a regular basis, only a handful of people are actually doing it, and know how to!

Today, after I realized my own husband didn’t know, I wanted to share the information on how to monitor your credit for free, and yes, I am a Realtor, I am not trying to sell a monthly subscription to a credit monitoring service – I am posting this because I believe every single person should be empowered to catch false information on their credit as soon as possible, and not when they are applying for a mortgage or a car loan, and are denied based on an inaccurate report!

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Here is how it’s done:

Go to This is the way to start your free search, don’t go directly to the Experian, Equifax or Transunion websites, it is actually much harder to figure out, if at all possible, how to get a free report.

Enter you information, and select ONE of the 3 credit reporting offices: Experian, Equifax or Transunion. You can review all your current mortgages, credit cards, any financing you have going on, as well as your payment history on these accounts. If you see false information, like that you have been late when you have not, you can be pro-active and dispute that.

You might also see NEW, FRAUDULENT credit cards or debt that might have been opened in your name. Yes, criminals do that! – They pretend to be you, start a new credit card, have the statement sent to the address of a vacant home, and spend the full credit limit before anybody catches on! The sooner you act, the smaller the potential damage to your credit.

Visit every 4 months, and check one credit report only each time, normally the reports from the 3 offices mostly say the same thing. If you are a husband and wife or have joined credit cards or debt with any partner, check one of your reports every other month, to get an even tighter coverage on your credit monitoring!

This is truly a free service, please act on it, click on this link right now, check and protect your credit!

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