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Overwhelmed? Rent now and buy later!

Moving to Florida is still many people’s dream, and most people who move to the Sunshine State live here happily ever after and will tell you “The only regret we have is that we didn’t do this sooner!”

But as people are trying to tackle the practical side of re-locating, they soon realize it’s a rather big undertaking. Often a major move like that is triggered by a big, significant event in people’s lives: job change, retirement, change in marital status, getting away from the cold, downsizing, there are a million reasons to move.

In order to move, the old residence has to be sold, so you put it on the market. It doesn’t sell immediately, and you keep thinking about this upcoming move. You would like to organize your future now, but can’t buy a new home in Florida because you need your equity for your down payment. You spend hours looking at properties on the internet, but can’t make a move on anything because you can not and do not want to carry the risk of owning 2 homes.

Maybe the husband is already working in Florida, and the rest of the family is still up North, trying to sell the house, but missing their head of household dearly. Then, FINALLY, the big day, the old home is under contract. All good to go now, right? – Not quite!

Now the stress of having to find that perfect new home in Florida you have been dreaming about really begins! A condo? A house? A smaller condo on the water, or house within driving distance to the water? The tranquil setting of the Gulf of Mexico, or the vibrant, energetic Downtown St. Petersburg Area?? Pretty soon you are pulling your hair out, and feel pressured into all kinds of decision-making within a very short period of time.

Overwhelmed? Call me. Rent Now – Buy Later!

I have started helping clients with rentals about 3 or 4 years ago, and have been happily doing it ever since. I have seen several clients enjoy the benefits of renting a temporary home, instead of trying to simultaneously selling and buying real estate.

You can rent furnished or unfurnished. For a few months or a year. Try condo living without buying one, try a 55+ community to see if you like it. Renting gives you the precious opportunity of test driving your new lifestyle, without buying the property yet!

If you are looking to move to Florida and would like to take the uncertainty out of it, call me. I will help you to rent a nice condo or house in the St. Petersburg area now, and you can later take your time and decide on one of the biggest investments most people have – your new home. I am a full-service Realtor, I can help you rent now, and buy later. I will help you find the perfect property, I will be your partner and problem solver the entire way from renting your temporary home to closing on your new forever-home in Florida!

Call me today for all your real estate needs! 727-480-4155

Tanja Cisliek |Realtor  

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